What we do

Our Services

As our name suggests we transport Pets and our services include but are not limited to:

  • Collect and Deliver Pets across the UK and Europe between previous and new owners
  • Collect and Deliver Stud Pets to and from associated breeders
  • Collect and Deliver Pets to and from Tees Valley Vet Surgeries for Treatments
  • Collect and Deliver Pets to and from Licensed Boarding Facilities in the North East Region
  • Collect and Deliver Pets whose Families are moving home (via Boarding Facilities or Direct to the new home)
  • Breeders Full Stud Relocations
  • Breeders Stock Exchange Programmes
  • Petting Zoos / Farm Collections and Deliveries
  • Pet Rescue Transport Services
  • Ex-Pat Pet Transport to or from European destinations (ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19 )
  • Commercial Pet Transport Services
  • Pet Treats, Feeds and Accessories Sales (Please contact us)
  • Pet Related Service Promotions (via our web site and leaflets deliveries on routes

DEFRA Licensed

Pet Taxi UK is a TYPE 2 DEFRA Licensed Animal Transporter which covers us to transport a pet for over 8 hours in the UK or up to 8 hours within the European Union. Our Mercedes Sprinter is being inspected to complete our full license capability which will extend these hours significantly. Update to follow

ALL COURIERS within the UK MUST HAVE a DEFRA License; please do not be swayed by a cheaper price from someone who is not licensed by DEFRA as you have no legal come back on them if things go wrong.

The license is FREE to apply for so why would they not do it? Ask yourself, is it worth it for your peace of mind and the welfare of your animals?

Destinations (Subject to COVID-19 Restrictions LOCALLY and BREXIT outcomes)!

We cover the whole of the UK Mainland, Scotland & islands, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales, Northern France (North of Paris), Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Western Germany if we get the bookings to pull a run together to keep costs down to the customer.

We have traveled to all of these places more than once plus to the Swiss Border so far for our customers.

Some destinations are costly to get to but we can provide competitive prices and actually do the job when we say we will with a fixed date and a time slot provided in writing, in advance.

Except where circumstances are beyond our control, we are usually always within the quoted time slot; if we are delayed we contact you immediately and keep you informed of any changes that occur.


As a Company we operate to very high standards and as a result we will sometimes refuse service to people and organisations we deal with. This will lead to some restrictions on the use of our services and we only apologise for the inconvenience this causes a customer who then needs to find another courier for their Pet.

The typical reasons we refuse service and add people to our Restrictions List are as follows:

  • Animal welfare issues
  • Court Order Bans on Animal Ownership
  • Animal cruelty confirmed reports
  • Refusal to provide vet proven treatment
  • Failure to report illnesses in animals or studs in general that affect us or our customers
  • Making personal attacks on, or about, our staff and company name which are untrue
  • Failure to pay bills
  • Frustrating collections on behalf of our customers (changing things last minute etc)
  • Trying to pass off a sick animal for transportation
  • Masking ill health in animals by self medication
  • Failing to report illness or sudden deaths in breeder’s stud prior to collection/delivery
  • Verbal or written threats, incitement of others, libel, slander etc.
  • Threats or abuse aimed at our customers for any reason
  • Racism, ageism, sexist remarks or behaviours, religious intolerance’s
  • Rank stupidity, time wasters, other couriers or transporters, copyright breeches

Again, this list is not exhaustive and exists because we have the right to chose who we work with. Our brand has become so well respected for the good we are doing that we will not risk it or waste it on people or companies who are indifferent to us, our customers and their animals.

We DO NOT just accept anyone onto our services and we always watch and listen to what is going on in the market so we know when to act and when to walk away.

How we do it

Pet Taxi UK operate on a Scheduled Run Basis. This means that we have set dates we will be able to offer services on at our STANDARD RATES. These rates vary depending on the destinations involved.

We take enquiries through our enquiry form where certain information is required in order to get a FIXED QUOTE and a RUN DATE offered.

This space on the run is only secured via payment of the BOOKING FEE outlined in the quote we provide to you.

Once the booking fee is paid we CONFIRM the booking and will follow up any information we need in order to collect/deliver the animals(s) in question! A few days before the RUN DATE we will issue TIMINGS and allocate SLOTS to the collection address (SELLER) and delivery addresses (THE BUYER).

Each SLOT is normally a TWO HOUR period which means as a SELLER or BUYER that you have AGREED IN WRITING to be there between those hours to facilitate COLLECTION or DELIVERY.


When you are issued a SLOT on any Pet Taxi UK RUN you are entering into a WRITTEN CONTRACT which is LEGALLY BINDING on ALL PARTIES concerned. This means for a SELLER that you agree to be present and available to facilitate collection at the times and place stated in the communications you will have received from us, this is an easy process and is designed to help reduce stress within the process and reduces costs.

This is the ONLY REAL COMMITMENT a SELLER is expected to keep.

As a BUYER this means that you agree to be present and available at the agreed address and times stated in our communications with you to facilitate delivery.

You may be represented by someone else at collection or delivery by a designated person who MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE OR OVER at the time of the visit.

In EXCEPTIONAL circumstances Pet Taxi UK may also accept BLIND COLLECTIONS / DELIVERIES as long as ALL PARTIES AGREE to this happening and in all such circumstances PET TAXI UK INSURANCE COVER IS NOT PROVIDED and acceptance of Blind Collections / deliveries is at the discretion of Pet Taxi UK Management.

Pet Taxi UK is not responsible for checking the GENDER of any animal at time of collection / delivery, this is between the Buyer and Seller only.

Pet Taxi UK are also not liable for any undisclosed underlying illness, disease or viral infection. If any party knowingly presents an animal with undisclosed underlying illness, disease or viral infection for transportation they will be in breech of the UK Law on Animal Welfare in Transport Regulations and the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Any such breech will be reported to the UK Authorities and Pet Taxi UK will pass all such matters to their legal team immediately for action.


Pet Taxi UK always strives to deliver the best service possible. Over time we will most likely make mistakes which lead to a genuine complaint by a genuine customer. When these moments arise you can rest assured we will deal with your complaint in a professional and legal manner.

We are known for our excellent communication, professionalism and tolerance in most matters and situations. That means when you have a complaint, please come to us first to see if we can reasonably resolve the issue. We don’t bite and if we make a mistake we will usually inform you first rather than hide it from you or ignore your communications.

Our goal is your satisfaction but we do reserve the right not to be targeted by unfair, abusive, factually incorrect attacks or just plain rudeness followed by an unreasonable full refund request.

Service Refusals

Over time Pet Taxi UK has had to refuse service to/from certain people across the UK and in Europe. If you make an enquiry for collections from any of these people we will only tell you that we cannot provide services to/from them and not the reasons why.

We apologise to our genuine customers for any inconvenience this may cause but we NEVER refuse service without GOOD, EVIDENCE BASED REASONS! You can draw your own conclusions from this stance that we take; it is legal and above board to protect our business and our customers in this way and it is very much a case of “BUYER BEWARE”!

Insurance & Protection

Pet Taxi UK is fully insured for Pet Taxi Operations in UK and Europe, Death in Transit, Public Liability, Product & Trade Liability, Hire & Reward Activities and Accidental Damage. Our vehicles are insured on a Fully Comprehensive basis, Tracked and CCTV Monitored at all times.