Pricing Survey

Welcome to your Pricing Survey

Are you CURRENTLY using animal transport services?

This is to establish if you are currently aware of market pricing across any number of providers you may have sought quotes from in the past 12 months!

On average, how many times do you use a Pet Courier / Transporter in a 12 month period?

This can be a BEST GUESS over the past 2 years given that covid-19 has slowed a lot of activities down.

Who is your prefered Pet Courier?

No names, no pack drill!

Is PRICE your main consideration when booking a Pet Courier?

What is your price expectation on a single booking?

Collect ONE (1) Rabbit within England for SAME DAY delivery to your address!

How do you think BASIC PRICING should be decided?

How do you think ADDITIONAL PRICING should be decided?

By "additional" we mean for items like a second carrier from the same collection address!