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User Account – Terms & Conditions of Use

Thank you for signing up for a Pet Taxi UK – User Account.

We are offering User Accounts for two main reasons:

  1. To offer our customers, supporters & subscribers access to “exclusive” content and offers
  2. To provide a platform for Pet Taxi UK as a Company, to expand it’s marketing presence

As with all things, we do have some simple Terms & Conditions for allowing access to our web site and we expect they will evolve over time and through use.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully and remember, they are not exhaustive and may be updated without notice if Pet Taxi UK deem it is required. Thank you!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Users will respect the Privacy of other Users at all times.
  2. Users may only have ONE ACCOUNT at any given time on this web site.
  3. ILLEGAL or OFFENSIVE ITEMS may not be posted on or sold through this web site.
  4. Access to this site and Pet Taxi UK Services are conditional and controlled by the Company.
  5. NO RIGHTS whatsoever are granted or implied in these Terms & Conditions with regards to Copyright materials submitted by Users or Pet Taxi UK, unless expressly agreed in writing between both / all parties concerned.
  6. Copyright Breaches will not be accepted and Users will Indemnify Pet Taxi UK, Staff, Management and Owners against prosecution in all such cases.
  7. Please ensure you OWN the Copyright to any material (Text or Image based) submitted to this site.
  8. CODE of ANY KIND must not be uploaded to this site without the written consent of the owners.
  9. Spamming or other forms of harassment of other Users is not acceptable and we will close User Accounts without reference to Registered Users. Cyber Bulling is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE and WILL be reported if it is seen.
  10. Access to FREE Classified Advertising is at the sole discretion of Pet Taxi UK Admin.
  11. Disputes of any nature between Users must be settled outside of this web site and our User Groups through LEGAL MEANS.
  12. If in doubt about how to use our site and service PLEASE ASK we are here to help
  13. Separate Terms & Conditions apply when accessing / using other Pet Taxi UK Services, please read them when using other services.
  14. If you feel that any evidence of ABUSE is visible on our site please REPORT IT to Admin, we do not want our Users to feel they need to tolerate misbehaviour of others which might lessen their enjoyment of this site or our services, all reporting is CONFIDENTIAL.