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Pet Taxi UK has successfully operated the services it provides over a number of years. We are dog, rabbit and chinchilla people ourselves and use that extensive knowledge to ensure your pet reaches its intended destination fit and healthy. We have also already successfully transported dogs rescued from Romania, pygmy hogs, skinny pigs, lesser tenrecs and even a werewolf! <

Pet Taxi UK will be training staff through a range of skills relating to the transport of animals that are Vet and DEFRA Approved to further enhance our skills and knowledge within our chosen fields. We, as a company, take professional pride in the quality and diversity of the services we provide to the public, private zoos, breeders and fanciers alike.

We also call on our customer’s knowledge to help design or improve our service offerings. This has paid dividends in the past which led our services to be class leading across the UK Pet Transport Marketplace. We are serious about what we do and knowledge is the centre of our drive to better the services we provide.


Our experience is second to none. From the beginning we had the animal background, knowledge and qualifications that would help us deliver a professional service. Our experience has widened and grown as we have expanded our areas of operation from the UK mainland out into Europe and as far as Switzerland.

We have designed our business support systems to ensure that we get the job done even in times of crisis. An outstanding example of this was being hit by another vehicle from behind at 80mph; the accident only made us 15 minutes late outside of our two hour time slots.

What we learnt from this incident was that we needed a more robust rescue and recovery system which led us to buy an RAC Business Membership. The RAC is the only company that recovers pets as well as humans in case of accidents.

Our experience extends to the handling of many breed types, what they need for transportation, how to keep them safe, what to check for on collection, how to notice when something is just not right during transport, and how to act if anything goes wrong. We are also experienced enough to know when to take a pet to the vets during transit rather than try self treatment.

We are experienced business owners too and we know how to manage our operations in this industry in such a way that there is no doubt in our customers’ minds that we are the best at what we do. The differences between us and our competitors stick out a mile! Experience wins every time over cheap prices and no support!

If you want the best experience for you and your pet try Pet Taxi UK at least once; then you will know what a real animal transporter should look and feel like.


Pet Taxi UK is best known for its excellent communications between all parties during the process of booking transport for an animal, the answering of customer questions, and even for communicating solutions to issues along the way.

There is no excuse for poor customer care and communication is the key to looking after all customers involved in the transport of pets. We keep you up-to-date with every aspect of the process and on the day of transport we will track our vehicle all the way, sending you updates if any delays might occur and providing you with timing updates too.

Because we know how stressful using a courier service can be, we keep you in touch and up-to-date all the way. Our drivers have smart phones and the vans are tracked so we are able to provide updates other service providers just cannot match. If you ever have any doubts or questions we are only a message away during normal working hours and out-of-hours we will communicate as and when we can.


For legal reasons we do not share vehicle tracking data with customers directly or via public forums. We will access our tracking system to update you when there is a change worth reporting. We cannot provide a blow by blow account of where our vehicles are but will tell you when we expect them to arrive.


Our fleet is made up of various vans and vehicles such as estate cars with the rear seats removed or stowed away to create a stable load area. All carriers are secured in place for traveling and our main long distance van is a Vauxhall Vivaro or Mercedes Sprinter with specialist travel compartments built in to keep your pets safe and cosy during their travels.


Our vehicles are regularly maintained by a National Garage Network which affords us the ability to make repairs as and when needed no matter where we are in the UK Mainland. All vehicles are provided with the latest navigational tools and tracking systems. These show all the data required by DEFRA should a question ever be raised about how we operate as a transporter of animals.