Classified Advertising – Terms & Conditions

Pet Taxi UK (The Company) owns and operates Pet Taxi UK Classifieds as a Service to Courier Service Customers, Website Users and Newsletter Subscribers. No “Right of Access” is given or implied in relation to any service(s) provided by The Company at any time.

The Terms and Conditions set out below are subject to change without notice.


  1. To advertise on Pet Taxi UK Classifieds you will need to REGISTER for a FREE ACCOUNT.
  2. Pet Taxi UK reserves the right to refuse any or all advertising submissions without explanation.
  3. Pet Taxi UK reserves the right to “Amend” “Delete” “Edit” or otherwise “Adjust” any advertisement submitted for publication by any person or organisation for whatever reason they deem required.
  4. Any advertisement of animals must comply with generally accepted Animal Welfare Laws with respect to their condition, age and general health.
  5. FREE TRIAL advertisements are at the sole discretion of the ADMIN TEAM / PET TAXI UK and no discussion will be entered into with regards to any decision not to allow an advertisement to appear on our service.
  7. LEAVING AGES of all Pets or Animals MUST CONFORM WITH LEGAL REQUIREMENTS for the breed concerned (Animal Welfare Act 2006) Usually a minimum of 8 weeks from birth!
  8. Complaints against advertisers on our service are treated seriously. Should a dispute arise Pet Taxi UK cannot mediate an outcome between the parties concerned. We will act against any advertiser who is regularly reported for Abuse, Breach of Welfare Standards and other such matters. Likewise, we will block anyone from the services we provide if they are found to be deliberately misinforming us about the behaviour of any other advertiser on our service.
  9. If in doubt – please ask the ADMIN TEAM for advice, we are here to help
  10. DISCOUNTS on advertising are EXCLUSIVELY OFFERED through our newsletter “Hot Gossip”! To subscribe you will need to REGISTER for a FREE ACCOUNT and then subscribe to the Newsletter.


  1. ALL IMAGES are subject to our “Common Decency” Policy. If our ADMIN TEAM rejects an image because it is in breach of this Policy, advertisers will be able to replace the rejected image prior to publication.
  2. Images MUST NOT show any pet or animal “IN THE NEST”
  3. Images MUST NOT show any pet or animal “BEFORE EYES ARE OPEN”
  4. Images will automatically be cropped or rejected by the software system we operate to fit the constraints of the programming, advertisers are responsible for re-selecting or editing any rejected image.
  5. Copyright MUST BE CLEARLY OWNED by the person or organisation posting the advertisement UNLESS you have Creative Commons License to use an image(s) for commercial purposes. PROOF WILL BE REQUIRED where a dispute arises. Pet Taxi UK are NOT LIABLE for Copyright Breaches occasioned by their advertisers.
  6. If you own an image which is used by another person you must report it to our ADMIN TEAM as soon as possible and we will remove it for you.


  1. Pet Taxi UK offer “Paid For” and “Free Trial” Advertisements for a FEE where appropriate
  2. All advertisements requiring a payment will not be published until such payment arrives into the appropriate Bank or PayPal Account used for the purposes of advertising revenue control
  3. If our ADMIN TEAM rejects any advertisement which cannot be edited or altered to make it compliant, we will refund the fee paid by the advertiser.
  4. Payment for Advertising is accepted in POUNDS STERLING ONLY at this time.
  5. Payments are made by advertisers for the period stated when booked. If the advertiser cancels any placed advertisement after publication NO REFUND WILL BE PAYABLE
  6. Automated confirmation emails are used by our service to confirm payment activities. Ensure you check your SPAM FOLDER for messages of this nature prior to raising an issue with our ADMIN TEAM.


We take your Privacy very seriously and constantly look for ways to protect your data. We have made our website ( GDPR Compliant and have SSL Certificates in place as well as anti-spam filters and we have selected a hosting service we know have the latest anti-hacking systems in place to protect you further.